The House of the Guild of the Blue Water Captains in the 'Breite Strasse'

Picture 1: Front of the house

Their house is one of the most beautiful and prominent medieval buildings (picture 1) within the city of Luebeck. The stair shaped gable made of red bricks, its gilded ship, the vane, and the artistic rococo entrance door are the focus of great interest for both, local citizens and tourists.

The brotherhood of Captains, founded in December 1401 and still existing, acquired the property in 'Breite Straße No. 2' in 1535, and the house has been in their posession ever since. Entering the house through the recently constructed porch, and passing the Mexican shipboy, you will emerge in the vestibule, the actual main hall. The so called banquet tables and benches (picture 2) are still the original ones. Both, tables and benches are made from solid oak planks.

Getting together, the skippers used to sit, divided into groups, around these tables, assigned according to the various habours to which they used to sail, and to different commercial corporations in which they served. At the back wall, opposite the entrance one can see – slightly raised – a somewhat isolated banquet table, the so called confessional, the place for the eldermen. From this position the entire assembly hall was in their view and they gave instructions or reprimanded any liberties.

Picture 2: Banquet table and benches

The 'scorn and derision blackboard' placed opposite the confessional will give visitors an impression as to how strict rules were in those times. Numerous ship models suspended from the ceiling, two of which are galleys from the Mediterranean Sea, are indeed a unique and remarkable decoration. The oldest model dates from 1607 . Since 1868 this unique building is used as a public restaurant. The kitchen mainly offers regional and international food.